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  • . Feb 8, 2017 ATF White Paper Leaked: Calls For Loosening Gun Regulations The second-highest ranking official at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,  The NRA Racks Up Wins in Congress. The ATF Wants to Give It www. Summary of LEAKED ATF White Paper & Analysis: NFA-Free Suppressors, Shouldered Feb 6, 2017 The ATF wants to cut gun regulations and find ways to “defend the . Sep 28, 2015 ATF Official Caught Leaking Employee Data (ATF) was sending personnel data to a personal email account. information was leaked about a proposal by the Deputy Director of the ATF and other 'Pro-Gun' actions to be taken, known as 'The White Papers'. 10. 07. bloomberg. Feb 6, 2017 Just in the last hour someone leaked an ATF White Paper regarding Read-the- white-paper-on-firearms-regulations Feb 6, 2017 Just in the last hour someone leaked an ATF White Paper regarding Read-the-white-paper-on-firearms-regulations <—– Click that to open Feb 6, 2017 In what appears to fly in the face of the Bureau's prior attitudes towards enforcement of gun laws, a white paper by BATFE Associate Deputy A white paper by the second highest-ranking official at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Internal document lays outs several proposals Feb 6, 2017 A white paper suggests lifting restrictions on purchasing gun silencers and examining the ban on assault weapon imports. 2017 · BREAKING: ATF White Paper Leaked 02. The allegedly unofficial white paper was leaked (more likely given by If a firearm's greatest enemy is rust, then the ATF must be a close second in line. Get the whitepaper So speaking of confirmation bias, this leaked ATF whitepaper is a fine example of something that needed to be slow-rolled before we shouted it from the rooftops Oct 16, 2017 Brady Center Files Lawsuit Against ATF for Refusing to Release Documents Act (FOIA) requests for information regarding ATF's secret -- but leaked That white paper laid out recommendations to remove or reduce federal In case you missed this the ATF has changed it's pistol brace ruling. 2017 · Suppressors Aug 13, 2017 Here is the definition of a silencer from the ATF website: Adam on The Legal Brief explain the leaked ATF Whitepaper gave me an idea. com/news/articles/2017-06-14/the-nra-racks-up-victories-the-atf-wants-to-give-them-moreJun 14, 2017 The unusual ATF white paper was written by Ronald Turk, a career official Marked “not for public distribution,” the white paper leaked to the Feb 7, 2017 A letter by an executive with the ATF leaked to the public Monday requests for comment on the “White Paper” letter, only to say that the ideas Feb 17, 2017 Recently, an internal memo from the Associate Deputy Director of ATF, number 2 in charge Ronald Turk, hit the internet and took off like a Feb 7, 2017 ATF Associate Deputy Director and Chief Operating Director wrote a white paper reevaluating restrictions currently placed on firearms in the The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) or (ATFE) is a federal law . . Recently Released ATF White Paper Reevaluates Current Firearms Regulations 02. a Congressional hearing raised several questions about the actions of ATF, . ATF's Second-in-Command “Leaks” Pro-Gun Proposals in White Paper on Facebook